Arizona CCW Law

Why have a CCW Permit?

Got permit?

Although Arizona is relatively permissive on gun ownership, its prosecutors are also very harsh on gun crime. Merely showing a weapon during an argument can lead to your arrest for aggravated assault, and any crime involving a deadly weapon for which you are convicted most likely ends with a lengthy prison sentence.

Also, there are many complicated laws regarding the transportation of firearms and transference of ownership of firearms and even when/where you can simply be in possession of a firearm. When it comes to legal matters, not knowing the intricacies of the law is no excuse. That’s why you need a seasoned legal professional on your side – before you even begin carrying a firearm. In addition, carrying a firearm without adequate training is a recipe for disaster. 

Tim Forshey is an experienced attorney with an extensive experience in firearm-related issues. Tim can also assist in making sure you have the proper training before you begin to carry a firearm. 

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