NFA Gun Trusts

NFA Trusts

A trust helps keep your NRA guns safe

A National Firearms Act (NFA) Revocable Trust is the recommended method of owning Class 3 firearms (better referred to as “Title II”). NFA Trusts provide more legal protection and simplicity than individual ownership. An NFA Trust is commonly drafted as a revocable living trust for the limited purpose of holding title to Title II firearms and weapons. Title II items are federally regulated firearms, also known as “Class 3” or “NFA firearms”, Title II firearms include short-barreled rifles and shotguns, silencers (suppressors), machine guns, destructive devices and “any other weapons” (AOW).

There are many benefits to using an NFA Trust:

  • Simplifies and drastically shortens registration and transfer process for NFA firearms and eliminates the need to get approval from the local Chief Law Enforcement Officer (“CLEO”). Seeking CLEO approval is a time consuming and frustrating endeavor which can even be impossible due to certain CLEO’s biases. 
  • As an NFA Trust legally allows “co-ownership” amongst trustees, it prevents “accidental felonies” that can arise from handling or possessing an NFA firearm belonging to another person in violation of often unknown NFA regulations. 
  • Increases privacy, since an NFA Trust acquires Title II firearms without leaving any public record of ownership, unlike ownership through a corporation. 
  • New BATFE regulations allow NFA Trusts to apply electronically for transfer of Title II items dramatically reducing the “waiting period” before taking possession of a Title II item. 

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